WESST is an alliance of engineering student societies across western Canada. We consist of ten member societies from ten engineering programs in western Canada.

University of Victoria

President: Alexandra Boucher-Carter - Email: esspresident(at)

VP External: Abdul Abuelazm - Email: essvpexternal(at)

University of British Columbia - Okanagan

President: Sam Wells - Email: president(at)

VP External: Sam Diab - Email: external(at)

Simon Fraser University - Burnaby

President: Nicolas Ramirez - Email: president(at)

VP External:  - Gabriel Manansala - Email: external(at)

Simon Fraser University - Surrey

President: Muhammad Abid - Email: president(at)

VP External: Pranjal Biswas - Email: external(at)

British Columbia Institute of Technology

President: - Email:

VP External:  - Email:

University of Northern British Columbia

President: Drew Gilchrist - Email: president.eesa.unbc(at)

VP External: Harpriya Gill - Email: vpx.unbc(at)

University of Calgary

President: Ewan May - Email: president(at)

VP External: Eric Fung - Email: external(at)

University of Saskatchewan

President: Amelia Fauth - Email: president(at)

VP External: Regan Wilson - Email: vp.external(at)

University of Regina

President:  Nicole Rodgers - Email: president(at)

VP External: Nick Volsky - Email: external(at)

University of Manitoba

President: David Abad - Email: ss(at)

VP External: Duncan Lamont - Email: vse(at)