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What is WESST

The Western Engineering Student Societies' Team (WESST) is an alliance of engineering student societies across western Canada. We consist of eleven member societies from eleven engineering programs.

WESST helps its member societies share expertise on organizing events, managing budgets and services for undergraduate engineering students.

Why Do We Exist?

WESST provides an environment for member schools to exchange information and resources for the benefit of student leaders across western Canada. It also provides as unified voice of engineering students in Western Canada, representing its member schools to other student societies, industry, professional associations, and to the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES).

Current WESST Executive


A Brief History

WESST was formalized in 1993, at the Western Engineering Competition and Conference hosted by the University of Saskatchewan, when student representatives from all the accredited Western Canadian Engineering Schools within four provinces decided on the need to form an alliance of all their undergraduate students’ societies.

WESST Events

Annual General Meeting

October 2021 in


WESST Annual General Meeting & Retreat is a four-day conference held in October. It serves as a time for new engineering students to make new connections in addition to the two-day plenary session, and election of new executive officers.



MAY 2022 in Winnipeg, MB

The WESST Executives Meeting is an annual three-day conference that brings together students from universities across western Canada. This provides an excellent opportunity for students to collaborate and share insight on a variety of topics.

Western Engineering Competition

January 2022 in KELOWNA, BC

The Western Engineering Competition was founded in 1985 and brought together the leading students from across Western Canada to practice and exhibit their problem solving, team-building, and communication skills in seven different events.